Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara was established in 1987 as a home for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Once all of our clients reached the age of 18, we became licensed as a home for adults to continue with around-the-clock care for our clients’ lifelong medical, emotional, social and recreational needs.


Licensed by the State of California Department of Public Health, Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara is a six-bed Intermediate Care Facility for the Developmentally Disabled-Habilitative (ICF-DDH). We provide 24-hour residential care along with developmental and supportive health services in a warm family atmosphere.


Located in the beautiful community of Carpinteria, California, our care facility allows clients to enjoy all that life has to offer in a safe community with various activities for a variety of client abilities. All clients attend a community-based weekday program. When at our care facility, they participate in physical, occupation, and/or speech therapy programs designed to meet each of their individual needs. All activities are monitored or facilitated by the Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara management team and staff.


How can you help to support Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara?

We depend upon the generosity of philanthropic individuals, foundations and organizations to help us maintain the quality of life our clients deserve. Your donations help support Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara operations, programs, and medical services not covered or not fully covered by insurance.


Your contribution to Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara is an investment in extraordinary impact for those facing challenges from mental and intellectual disabilities. Without caring, compassionate, and generous donors like you, Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara would not be possible. You can make a difference!


We provide 3 ways you can be a Cornerstone Supporter!


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Donations are welcome via mail directly to:

1451 Camino Trillado, Carpinteria, CA 93013


Contact us with any questions: info@cornerstonehouse.org | phone: (805) 684-5840

Thank you for your generous donations to Cornerstone House! *All donations are tax-deductible!

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Happiness!

Our facility would not have been made possible without the support from these compassionate foundations and organizations for the last 30 years:

The B & B Foundation
The Janeway Foundation
The Henry E. & Lola Monroe Foundation
The O’Neill Foundation
The Charles W. & Margaret F. Morrice Fund
The Orfalea Family Foundation
The Santa Barbara Foundation
The ALixe Tuohy Foundation
The Weingart Foundation
The Wood-Claeyssens Foundation

The Ann Jackson Family Foundation
The Latkin Charitable Foundation
Montecito Bank and Trust Community Dividends
The Mon-Nat Foundation
The Mosher Foundation
The Rotary Club
The Towbes Foundation

Smart & Final Charitable Foundation

S Weldon Family Foundation 
The Williams-Corbett Foundation

A special heartfelt thank you for all of the individual donations, it is caring people like you who make this world a happier place!


And last but not least, thank you to all of our Cornerstone Staff Members and Volunteers throughout these 30 years for all of your hard work, love and dedication to making this facility such a success!

 Meet our Wonderful Team!


Administrative Team:

Maria Avila, Executive Director & Qualified Individual Disability Professional

David Esparza, House Manager

William Gama, Administrative Assistant

Warren Olvera, Bookkeeper


Interdisciplinary Team:

Thomas Beamer, M.D. & Medical Director

Tiffany Duran, Registered Nurse

Elizabeth Kirby, Registered Dietician

Angela Wong, Pharmacist

MP Health, Speech & Language Therapy


Direct Care Staff:

Francisco Alejos, DCS

Clemencia Ortiz-Ruiz, DCS

Estrella Valencia, DCS

Jovony Ortiz, DCS

Laura Rangel, DCS

Employment Opportunities


Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara is an equal opportunity employer. We offer a variety of career opportunities and currently have open positions with our Direct Care Staff and other employment opportunities. Our facility offers employment opportunities that help adults with disabilities live a full life. There is never a dull moment!


For more information, send us an email at info@cornerstonehouse.org or call us directly at (805) 684-5840.

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Our Board of Directors

Cornerstone House of Santa Barbara is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of respected community and business leaders.


Dr. Robert Kolarczyk

Vice President

Byron Lynn


Kevin Kjoller

Board Member

Juan Vela


Alejandro Robles

Board Member

Chris Vela

Parent Representative

Melanie Lynn

Board Member

Roger Hugo

Board Member

Joan Wagner

Board Member

Dr. Bernd Moessle

CHSB Newsletters are here!


Welcome to our new newsletter page! Our goal in sharing newsletters is to keep you informed on our most recent updates, pending or upcoming projects, upcoming events, etc. As a nonprofit organization, we want to engage with our supporters and highlight topics that will include disability awareness, inclusion, and so much more.


CHSB Newsletter July 2023

Portrait of handicapped business executive using digital tablet in office

Disability Awareness

People with disabilities are, first and foremost, people. When you use the word “disability”, you are referring to someone who has a physical, mental, emotional, sensory, or learning impairment. One of the largest barriers encountered is because of societies occupied with stereotypes and prejudice towards people with disabilities. So how can you become more aware?


  • Understand that not everyone is the same! Accepting the fact that everyone is unique is the first step towards improving one’s disability awareness. Understanding and respecting a person’s individual differences can develop a culture of inclusion.


  • Gain a deeper understanding! The worldwide Web offers a direct link to the struggles and lifestyles of people with intellectual and mental disabilities that have been identified to date. The Web can be a powerful tool in helping us gain an understanding of what a person may be experiencing or how their disability affects them on a daily basis.


  • Avoid making assumptions! It is imperative that we avoid stereotyping impairments and making wrongful assumptions. People with disabilities are aware of their surroundings and have emotions just like you and I.


Our residents and their families understand the value of advocacy, support, acceptance, and respect for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. We encourage you to learn about autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy, sensory disorders, genetic or birth defects, disabilities caused by severe trauma or injury, and more. We can support the families and disabled individuals, who are facing lifelong challenges, by spreading awareness and standing up to bullying at school, work, or in public. The fight for change and more advances is a cause in which we must all engage.

Save the Awareness Date!

Year 2024

January 4th – World Braille Day

February 16th – National Caregiver’s Day

February 18th – International Asperger’s Day

March 1st – International Wheelchair Day

March 21st – World Down Syndrome Day

March 26th – Epilepsy Awareness / Purple Day

April 2nd – World Autism Awareness Day

April 26 – International Guide Dog Day

May 1st-7th – Deaf Awareness Week

May 9th-15th – Mental Health Awareness Week

June 19th-25th – Learning Disability Week

October 2nd – 8th Dyslexia Awareness Week

October 6th – World Cerebral Palsy Day

October 8th – World Dyslexia Awareness Day

November 6th – National Stress Awareness Week

December 3rd – Giving Tuesday

December 3rd – International Day of Persons with Disabilities

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